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Activate Your Sensuality Program

14 400 kr

Do you feel a longing to express the more feminine sides of yourself but don't really know how to?

You'll learn how to have the rich, deep, peachy life you are here to live by integrating the 6 Principles of Sensuality into a sensuality practice in this 3-month program. 

This program is for the high-performance woman who feels disconnected from her body and femininity and desires to feel more sensuality and aliveness.

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What's included? 

  • Learning and integrating The 6 Principles of Sensuality 
  • Biweekly LIVE workshops and sensuality practice in a safe container 
  • Body-mind approach to a sensual experience 
  • Practices and meditations for an embodied experience of every principle
  • Step-by-step guide and worksheet to help you integrate in the most beneficial way and at your own pace
  • One 1:1 Coaching Session with Ida 

 Payment plan available. Contact me for more info. 

    Activate Your Sensuality Program

    14 400 kr

    This is for you who: 

    • feel like you are stuck in some area of your life and have an inner knowing that life can be soo much more 
    • wants to embrace your body and appreciate everything it does for you (read pleasure!!) 
    • had enough of giving your time, energy and effort to others (which, to be honest, hasn’t led you to where you want to be) and are soo ready to prioritise yourself first
    • feel that you don’t have full access to your feminine expression that you see in other women and long to be in that yourself 
    • are tired of playing small and ready to build genuine self-reliance and trust to reach a rich, deep, and peachy life, aka the life you desire 
    • won’t just function or do what’s expected anymore, but lean into sensuality to guide you to enjoy every connection, every moment that life brings to you 

    The 6 Principles of Sensuality

    1. Self-Compassion is the gateway 

    Through embodiment, self-compassion and re-programming of the mind, we learn what stands in the way of having the best relationship with ourselves.

    2. Let it Flow 

    With movement, breathing techniques, and exploring masculine and feminine energies, we uncover stagnant areas in our lives, allowing new energy to flow into our bodies to feel richness and aliveness.  

    3. Divine Feminine 

    Here, we reach deep parts of ourselves by exploring different feminine archetypes to fully embody and expand our feminine into something bigger than ourselves.

    4. Relax to receive

    You learn how to consciously relax and open your body, to choose what serves you, to make the nervous system feel safe, and to trust.

    5. Presence and Pleasure

    By integrating all we've learned and as we move energy through the body in a surrendered state, we can reach new levels of pleasure, sexually and in life.

    6. Beauty and Abundance 

    What is it really like to live a sensual life? Learn how to be in your power, continue expanding your consciousness of growth and be the source of pleasure.

    I have been doing a lot of deep inner work for many years, but my session with Ida changed everything! How she made me feel safe, seen and loved helped me go deeper than ever before. A lot of healing happened thanks to Ida's professional guidance, experience and knowledge. Since then, I feel more aligned, happy and powerful than ever. I truly recommend Ida to everyone - I promise you won't regret it! ❤️


    I really appreciate the soft guidance from Ida. She was sensitive to my needs and energy and honoured my flow. I felt successful, at ease and flowing, and because of it, I had realisations and went deep. It felt sincere.


    Ida has this mother energy where everything is welcome. Her voice is soft and warm, and I feel her presence like she walks beside me. I feel safe and held, and I could really relax and be comfortable exploring.


    Just want to express my THANK YOU for the magic meeting and coaching session we had. It felt so incredibly safe with Ida’s guidance, direction and presence. I feel warm and happy. So grateful!



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