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Idas' Story

My family was a part of, and I grew up in, a strict religious environment that controlled every aspect of life. Everything about the human experience, my heart's longing, was considered deceitful, and the body's signals and desires were sinful. 

At 24 years old, I was expelled from the religion I grew up in because I wanted to live another life than what was allowed. That meant I instantly lost contact with everyone I knew, all friends and family, and was considered an outcast. I also lost my faith, believed I would die in Armageddon, and felt confused and alone.

At the same time, this strong voice within told me I'd made the right choice. I came in contact with yoga, which made me treat my body with care and appreciation for the first time ever. That moved me deeply.

Before that, my body (and I) wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, and I put all my worthiness in the eyes of others, mostly men. My self-hatred was caused by emotional and physical violence during my upbringing. And I also saw my parents' constant struggle to give me and my sisters essential material resources, and I felt guilty for even existing.

Throughout the years, I’ve felt so much shame, I've struggled with depression and suffered from anxiety. I also have scars on my arms from moments when I saw no other relief than to punish myself physically, and there were even moments when I couldn't see any point in continuing to live. I have chosen unhealthy relationships and suffered from burnout, as so many other women have.

For more than 15 years, I have studied self-development and Eastern and Shamanic traditions and techniques such as meditation, yoga, tantra, breathwork, and embodiment.

Today, I consider my wounding and everything I learned when healing to be precious gifts on my path of sharing the one tool that helped me treat myself with tenderness and go oh-so-deep in self-love: my daily sensuality practice.

Now, I choose to shine and stand in my truth. So can you, no matter what your journey has been like! Why should you ever choose otherwise, my love? 


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