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Why a daily sensuality practice?

It will give you the life you desire

Why sensuality?

Sensuality is life's most powerful tool, which you can use to shift your energy to the energy you desire. It’s a state of awareness available in any situation to come in deep contact with yourself, your body, your intuition and your vast capacity for self-love. It is a way of viewing life. 

Sensuality is the key to having the relationship with yourself you deserve, being in touch with your feminine qualities, and treating yourself with tenderness. By having a daily sensuality practice, you come in contact with parts of yourself that make you live a rich life from your deepest longing for who you want to be. 

Can you give yourself a greater gift than that?

What is sensuality?

Sensuality is officially described as the expression or suggestion of physical, especially sexual, pleasure or satisfaction. I would say it is a poor description, like describing chocolate as something brown you can eat and not describing its rich taste and texture, magically melting in your mouth, giving you shivers of pleasure.

Sensuality can be an ingredient in sexuality, but that is just one flavour; there is soo much more to discover.

To live a life from sensuality and intuition is to live an exciting and fulfilling life full of juiciness and love. A rich life where you know and trust your inner Yes and No. Sensuality helps us tap into the art of receiving, expanding who we are, and strengthening our core and queendom.

Why a daily sensuality practice?

Sensuality is an experience-based practice, and by tapping into your sensuality in your daily routine, the connection to your body and intuition enforces. And just like any other habit you develop, it gives you results according to your dedication.

You will be transformed by how you move through life, your relationships, and the choices you make for yourself. Not because you experience sensuality once but for the sweetness you feel when you can flow between the different techniques and eventually organically tap into the one your body would benefit from the most.

It is a reclamation of your life force, your self-responsibility for creating the life and experiences you deeply desire. And, yes, it takes dedication, but when you're in the flow of sensuality, it will reward you with sensations so peachy you'd never want to stop having a daily sensuality practice.


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