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Work with Ida

Ida's unique way of working with sensuality as her primary tool has crystallised during her 15 years of studying and practising tantra, yoga, meditation, shamanism and self-development. With a body-mind approach, she uses different techniques, including breathwork, embodiment, mindfulness, resourcing, and the art of moving and transforming energy (to mention a few.)

30 min Discovery Call

Free Discovery Call

Tell me what you desire, and I'll give you the sensual keys for you and your body to get there!

Curious about my coaching method or have questions?



10 coaching sessions every 10th day = 100 days from now, you will be able to... be energized, in your power, activate your sensuality and feel radiant.

3-months 1:1 Coaching

Activate Your Sensuality 1:1 Coaching

I'm devoted to you in the most personalised container to explore the depths of your sensuality. We begin by mapping out your core desire in life and use sensuality in various ways and techniques to get clarity, unlock your lifeforce and transform your life. (It could lead to having-an-orgasm-by-the-wind-touching-your-skin life.)


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