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Activate Your Sensuality 1:1 Coaching

33 300 kr

I'm devoted to you in the most personalised and safe container to explore the depths of your sensuality. We begin by mapping out your core desire in sex, love or relationships and use sensuality in various ways and techniques to get clarity, unlock your life force and transform your life. And we go deeeep, 'cause that's where the treasures are. (It could lead to having an orgasm-by-the-wind-touching-your-skin life.)


What's included? 

  • A safe and held container for 3 Months to explore your desires in sex, love and relationships
  • 90-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions biweekly with personalised
    tools and techniques chosen to support you in reaching your desired goals
  • We work with The 6 Principles of Sensuality to integrate as the core foundation for transformation
  • Body-mind approach to a sensual experience 
  • Additional personal support through WhatsApp

 Payment plan available. Contact for more info. 

Activate Your Sensuality 1:1 Coaching

33 300 kr

This is for you who:

- have a specific issue you want to address within sex, love and relationships

- want to feel held in the process of reaching your desired goal

- feel like you want effective and personalised tools to get you there

- want deep, personalised coaching with embodiment and a mind-body approach

- want to go deeper into energy work to truly feel free and empowered

- want the best simply because you know you're worth it

The 6 Principles of Sensuality

1. Self-Compassion is the gateway 

Through embodiment, self-compassion and re-programming of the mind, we learn what stands in the way of having the best relationship with ourselves.

2. Let it Flow 

With movement, breathing techniques, and exploring masculine and feminine energies, we uncover stagnant areas in our lives, allowing new energy to flow into our bodies to feel richness and aliveness.  

3. Divine Feminine 

Here, we reach deep parts of ourselves by exploring different feminine archetypes to fully embody and expand our feminine into something bigger than ourselves. 

4. Relax to receive

You learn how to consciously relax and open your body, to choose what serves you, to make the nervous system feel safe, and to trust.

5. Presence and Pleasure

By integrating all we've learned and as we move energy through the body in a surrendered state, we can reach new levels of pleasure, sexually and in life.

6. Beauty and Abundance 

What is it really like to live a sensual life? Learn how to be in your power, continue expanding your consciousness of growth and be the source of pleasure. 

A sensuality practice...

...will get you the life of your dreams.


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